Permindar Kaur is a sculpture/ installation artist, whose approach to art is playful, using childlike objects to explore the territory of cultural identity, home and belonging. She uses simple forms, for instance furniture (beds, cots and chairs) and toys (soft, brightly coloured figures, trucks and animal forms). These objects resemble displaced domestic belongings, which have been distorted and manipulated to invoke the uncanny. They are deceptively familiar in their appearance and initially might remind the viewer of innocence, childhood and play belying their sinister undertones.

Kaur has exhibited internationally; major solo exhibitions include Outgrown (2022), The ArtHouse, Wakefield; Home, 5 Howick Place, London, SW1P 1WG (2020-21); Interlopers, University of Hertfordshire (2016); Hiding Out, Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham Lakeside Arts (2014); Untitled, Berwick Gymnasium Art Gallery, Berwick (1999) and Cold Comfort, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, Mead Gallery, Coventry (1996).

Major group exhibition include Breaking the Mould: Sculpture by Women since 1945 (2021-23) YSP & UK tour; Ikon in the 90’s, Ikon Gallery (2021);  Animals & Us, Turner Contemporary (2018); At Home with Art, Tate Britain, London and touring (2000); Hot Air, Granship, Shizouka Arts Centre, Japan (1999); Pictura Britannica, Art from Britain, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia (1997); British Art Show, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff (1995). Permindar Kaur completed her MA at Glasgow School of Art, she lives and works in the UK.

Kaur has taken part in a number of talks at leading institutions including at the Tate, Ikon Gallery and Lakeside Arts.
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Bitch Magic, 26 Jan – 2 March 2024, Alma Pearl Gallery, London.
Bitch Magic brings together a cross-generational group of women and non-binary artists who align with ‘the feminine’ and whose work offers radical feminist perspectives through themes associated with folklore, the magical or the esoteric. With Renate Bertlmann, Cullinan Richards, Ayla Dymterko, Permindar Kaur, Rebecca Parkin, Tai Shani, Penny Slinger, Georgina Starr & Unyimeabasi Udoh.
Alma Pearl Gallery

Artist Spotlight in Cultural Comms, Jan 16 2024. Interview about the work Independence (1998) at Saatchi Gallery until Jan 22nd.

Fine Art Talks, British School at Rome online talk. The BSR is pleased to present the second event of the FA Talks series. On 28 February at 6pm, artist Permindar Kaur will give a talk about her practice.
British School at Rome

Sculpture in the Park, 19 Mar 2024 – 27 Compton Verney, Warwickshire. A major new sculpture park will open in the grounds, with works by eight contemporary artists drawn from around the world. The sculpture park will include works from leading UK-based artists such as Sarah Lucas (b.1962), Permindar Kaur (b.1965), British-Ghanian artist Larry Achiampong (b.1984), London-based French artist Nicolas Deshayes (b.1983), Lithuanian artist Augustas Serapinas (b.1990), French-American artist Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010), British artist Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) and a new commission by Brazilian artist Erika Verzutti (b.1971).
Compton Verney

A Spirit Inside 21 Mar – 1 Sept 2024, Compton Verney, Warwickshire.
Drawn from two of the UK’s leading art collections, The Women’s Art Collection and The Ingram Collection, A Spirit Inside will bring together a selection of works spanning over 100 years. Exploring how women and non-binary artists have grappled with the notion and sense of ‘spirit’, the themes range from mythology and internal contemplation to external, often political, expression. A Spirit Inside will feature a range of artists, from historic greats to important contemporaries, such as Leonora Carrington, Winifred Nicholson, Bridget Riley, Miriam Schapiro, Man Fung Yi, and Permindar Kaur, amongst many others.
Compton Verney
Review –Studio International

Nothing is Fixed, 8 June–7 September 2024 John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.
Permindar Kaur is a sculptor and installation artist who utilises familiar forms, such as furniture and toys, to create displaced domestic belongings and settings that invoke the uncanny. Transforming John Hansard Gallery into an immersive set of installations, Nothing is Fixed explores fundamental issues of home, belonging, care and safety. Kaur focuses on the intersectionality of identity; how society, family and education inform unique combinations of discrimination and privilege. Alongside the exhibition, Kaur is also developing a co-created public sculpture with local artists and audiences that will be presented to complement Southampton’s Mela festival, as part of Co-Creating Public Space.
JHG 2024 programme

Past Shows

If Not Now, When? Generations of Women in Sculpture in Britain, 1960 – 2022,  15 Nov – 22 Jan 2024, Saatchi Gallery, London. As part of our Season of Sculpture, our co-headline Winter exhibition, If Not Now, When? will feature 29 remarkable female sculptors, celebrating their contributions to the world of art from the 1960s to now. The exhibition will feature pieces by renowned artists including Permindar Kaur, Katrina Cowling, Phyllida Barlow, Helen and Cornelia Parker. The exhibition is co-curated by Dr Anna Douglas and Dr Kerry Harker.
Saatchi Gallery

What Should Be In A National Art Collection? 13 Sept – 1 Dec 2023, The School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester. Working in collaboration with the Arts Council Collection, students on the MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies (2022-2023) ask visitors to reflect on the consequences of collecting art for the nation. They do so through the exhibition and interpretation of key artworks by 23 postwar British artists.
The School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

Are You A Women In Authority? 30 Sept -16th Nov 2023, Phoenix Art Space, Brighton.
Broken Grey Wires and Phoenix Art Space present an exhibition of work by artists who explore empowerment, gender, and community in their practice. Janine Antoni – Bobby Baker  – Lizz Brady – kevanté ac cash – Lynn Hershman Leeson  – Permindar Kaur – Sarah Lucas – Sarah Maple  – Tracey Moffatt – Jade Montserrat – Zanele Muholi – Anya Paintsil – Charlotte Prodger – Martha Rosler – Carol Sommer
Phoenix Art Space

Frieze London 2023 11 – 15 Oct 2023 with Jhaveri Contemporary, London. UK
For Frieze London, Jhaveri Contemporary’s booth tuFrench-American artist Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010)rns to ecology and brings together artists who focus on the species who co-inhabit our environment. Animal and plant life are intertwined in works that bridge the real, the live, the extinct, and imagined. The entry point is a herd of steel horse sculptures by Permindar Kaur. Child-like in their simplicity and installed low to the ground, akin to fledgling foals, their legs buckle beneath them. Kaur speaks of the ‘playful freedom introduced’ that upends the conventional image of horses as symbols of status and class. The twisted, modular forms, referencing the darker side of play and childhood imagination, ultimately confine the materially robust animals to their plinth.
Jhaveri Contemporary

Naissance/Re-Naissance, 1 July – 31 July, Curated by Hettie Judah, Unit London gallery (online). Kaur brings the uncanny to familiar and otherwise comforting domestic objects. Her teddy bears are subtly unbalanced, their animal nature betrayed by copper claws or horns. The archetypal Western toy is dressed up in a sequinned gown and bestowed a female Indian identity in Red Dress, while the Blue Indian Teddy carries the outsized horns of a prehistoric animal. They become hybrid figures – British-Indian, beastly playthings.
Unit London

Researching women in sculpture: a discussion event at the Henry Moore Institute, published in ‘Pioneering Women’ … the special issue of The Sculpture Journal 32.1, March 2023
Full text here: Sculpture Journal

Friday Dispatch – Contemporary Art Society, Fri 24 Feb by Christine Takengny. Review of The Room, Niru Ratnam Gallery
Contemporary Art Society

The Room, 25 Jan – 25 Feb 2023, Niru Ratnam Gallery, London. Writing on Permindar Kaur’s recent solo exhibition at The Art House in Wakefield the art critic Hettie Judah observed: “Blending the soft with the spiky, comfort with threat, the domestic with hints of something wild, Permindar Kaur’s sculptures explore the subtleties of belonging.” Since her emergence into the British art scene in the early 1990s, Kaur’s practice has embraced incongruous dualities. In her work the domestic is both a place of shelter and threat. Motifs such as beds, cushions and childhood toys took on a more surreal and disturbing quality through Kaur’s manipulation of scale and juxtaposition of materials.
View works here:
Niru Ratnam Gallery

Outgrown publication – Limited edition, signed, softback on removable screen-printed greyboard.
40 pages, published 2022 by The Art House. ISBN: 1-908432-19-5
Texts by Natalie Rudd, writer, independent curator, and researcher, and Damon Jackson-Waldock, Programme Director, The Art House. Buy here: Arthouse shop
Overgrown House Limited Edition Screen Print for ArtHouse.
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The catalogue for HOME is now available with 21 colour images and critical texts by Dr Alice Correia and Dr Eddie Chambers. Copies are available for purchase at £10.
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